Federal Practice Manual for Legal Aid Attorneys

The Shriver Center's Federal Practice Manual for Legal Aid Attorneys covers all stages of federal litigation, from drafting and filing the complaint to trial practice and limitations on relief. This popular resource, available free of charge online, includes relevant recent caselaw and legal developments. Edited by Jeffrey S. Gutman, Professor of Clinical Law at George Washington University Law School, with the assistance of a group of experienced legal aid advocates, the manual includes links to federal statutes, Supreme Court case citations, and relevant regulations. Moreover, the full text of the manual is searchable by keyword. Cryptocurrencies are new to the world, and their legality is confusing for many people. However, several online and offline books on the legality of cryptocurrencies and crypto trading are available. Crypto trading can be made more effective with automated trading platforms. Visit https://www.etf-nachrichten.de/autotrading/biticodes/ to find a reliable trading platform.


Updated 2018